Uenojyo Enterprise

Backgroung of Uenojyo (Ueno Castle)

Uenojyo Enterprise was established in 1946 by Chitoshi (Sennen) Ueno.In 1969, he undertook a project that was inspired by world heritage Himeji Castle. This unique landmark became one of the area's most popular choice for traditional Japanese style weddings for many years.

Land Developper

Today the castle is the main office of Uenojyo Enterprise. This company has been actively involved with large land development projects in Kagoshima, Japan since 1960. Since that time, Ueno Enterprise has designed and built 5 residential towns with approximately 8,000 houses.
Today one of the major focuses of the company's land development projects has been placed on earthquake safety and standards for both land and structural use.

Water Treatment and Supply

Since 1960, Uenojyo Enterprises has provided safe, high quality drinking water to our two residential towns in Kagoshima.
We have the capacity to supply 900t in Uenodanchi and 1000t in Saigoudanchi. Every month our water supply is checked by the Kagoshima Pharmaceutical Association to insure the water's safety and quality.
Our water system supplies 6,000 homes, and provides more than 1400t of water flows for commercial needs every day.
If you are looking to expand your business in the near future, we can provide adequate and safe water for multiple needs. Please feel free to inquire about our services by email. We look forward to serving you.

Only one castle tower in Kagoshima

Castle is Japanese style palace. In Kagoshima, Tsurumaru Castle (also called Kagoshima Castle) was built by Iehisa Shimazu during the Edo era. However the Shogun Shimazu did not build a main castle tower, only the gate and fence. It was believed because Kagoshima is located at the south end of Japan (at that time Okinawa was not part of Japan) there was little danger of being attacked. For this reason a local business man named Chitoshi (Sennen) Ueno decided to build Kagoshima a castle. Ueno Castle (Uenojyo) became the first castle tower in Kagoshima and the symbol of Ueno Enterprise since that time.

Do you want a unique Shogun experience?

Make Uenojyo (Ueno Castle) one of your sightseeing stops in Kagoshima. Discover a Shogun feeling in Ueno Castle. Enjoy a spectacular view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay (also called Kinkou Bay).
FREE- no entrance fee. Large groups are welcome.

Please book by e-mail. uenojyo@bun.bbiq.jp We look forward to seeing you.

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